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Welcome to FraudLock, the UK’s most comprehensive and pro-active service to protect you from the world’s fastest growing crime – Identity Fraud. FraudLock allows you to select the protection that is right for you. Look at FraudLocks 12 Key Features below to see the level of protection offered and then sign up in less than 2 minutes to get your protection in place.


In 2007 criminals took out credit cards and store cards in my name to the tune of nearly £35,000. I didn't see it coming and only found out when a new mortgage application was refused. It took months to get things straightened up, involving hours spent with the police, the credit issuers, citizens advice and the credit reference agencies. I couldn't believe how complicated things got. I have now chosen FraudLock to look after my identity, as in my opinion FraudLock offer the best protection available in the UK .

Louise is a victim of Identity Theft – she just doesn’t know it yet……

Fraudsters have taken out over £30,000 in her good name and defaulted on the repayments. Unfortunately, Louise will only find out when she gets declined the mortgage on her dream cottage.

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Michelle is a member of FraudLock

And enjoys the peace of mind from knowing that she has the most comprehensive and pro-active identity fraud protection available.

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Fraudlock Features

FREE Credit Report - Online

Free Credit Report
Becoming a member of FraudLock provides you with instant access to your on-line Credit Report....
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Free Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring
Credit Monitoring provides you with alerts should there be any significant change to your Credit Report within seven days...
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FraudLock your Credit File. Pro-active Protection
Credit Protection
Stop the Fraudsters in their tracks!! As a member of FraudLock your Credit Files, with all three of the UK’s...
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FREE Credit Rating & Analysis*
Credit Rating & Analysis
Understanding the way in which lenders utilise your credit history
*Available in month 4 of membership
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On-line Security Software and Advice
Identity Theft Help
FraudLock’s internet security specialists provide you with the latest information to help keep your PC protected...
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Private Investigators.

Identity Fraud
Unfortunately, there are currently very few successful prosecutions relating to Identity Fraud despite the fact that..
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DataWatch – Black Market Monitoring
Credit Monitoring
FraudLock will monitor black-market websites and databases utilised by fraudsters and organised crime rings...
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Reduced Junk Mail and Pre-Approved Credit Offers
Fraud Prevention
Several sources cite this kind of direct marketing as being an identity fraudsters dream. FraudLock facilitates your...
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CardLock – Lost/Stolen Card Recovery Service
Credit Card Recovery Service
After the initial shock and disbelief when you realise your credit and debit cards have been lost or stolen, panic sets in...
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Statement Reminder Service

Fraud Prevention
A ‘Reminder Service’ when your statements are due, so you can take action should they not arrive...
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Confidential Advice Line & Members Only Website
Annual Credit Report
If you have any questions regarding Identity Fraud, members can talk to one of our experts for confidential advice...
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Total Service Guarantee

Credit Checker
You are covered by our Total Service Guarantee from the moment you enrol with FraudLock. If our comprehensive measures...
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